Vulnerability Research

The Vulnerability Research Service (VRS) gives an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms and properties of software vulnerabilities. This service provides lab-based analysis of vulnerabilities based on disassembly, protocol analysis, and source-code analysis.

Our vulnerability data enables security product vendors to deliver product updates without the need for additional research. This data also gives MSPs and enterprise security teams the tools and knowledge to more effectively protect their environments without time-consuming research.

TELUS Security Labs delivers detailed and verified content that includes:
  • Support for all major operating systems, platforms and enterprise products
  • Complete information regarding the internal technical mechanism of vulnerabilities
  • Network-based and host-based detection of attacks attempting to exploit a vulnerability
  • Sample exploit code authored by TELUS Security Labs
  • Packet captures of both baseline traffic and attack cases
  • Full cross-references to vendor advisories and third-party databases

Team members validate and analyse software vulnerabilities with a focus on providing key information required for intrusion prevention system and vulnerability assessment tool content.

To sign up for this service, please visit our contact page for contact details.