TELUS Security Labs provides a variety of signature development services to a range of security product vendors. These services focus primarily on two areas: network-based attack detection, and protocol detection. We offer these subscription services in standard industry formats, or alternatively as customized services delivered in our client’s proprietary formats.

Our attack detection solutions are delivered in Snort™ rule format, supplementing both our vulnerability and malware research service output. And, as an alternative, we develop fully tested signatures for a number of our clients in their proprietary formats.

Protocol Detection focuses on well known and prevalent applications and protocols for the purposes of QoS, policy compliance, and traffic monitoring. The Protocol Detection services are delivered as either raw detection information, or in fully tested Snort rule format.

TELUS Security Labs prides itself in producing high grade, high quality signatures. Each signature is designed with intelligence and efficiency and regression tested aggressively each day. Additionally, TELUS Security Labs uniquely offers complete signature development outsourcing programs focused on our client’s device capabilities, and market drivers.