TELUS Security Labs delivers leading intelligence regarding malware threats and security vulnerabilities in commercial software products, serving the needs of security product vendors, managed service providers (MSP) and enterprise security teams.

TELUS Security Labs offers the Vulnerability Research Service (VRS) and the Malware Research Service (MRS) to security product vendors and government organizations. The TSL Enterprise program is offered specifically for MSP and enterprise security teams.

These offerings help to eliminate the significant research costs of responding to and managing critical new security vulnerabilities and other threats including worm & virus outbreaks and other high-risk malware.

Our TSL Enterprise program is an improvement on traditional security alerting services that merely focus on re-broadcasting any information redistributed from other sources. Research is performed in our labs located in Toronto, Canada, by a team of 30 researchers. The team is experienced in applying reverse-engineering, protocol analysis, and source code analysis techniques to a variety security threats.

Our services deliver key information including:
  • Early warning of the emergence of new threats
  • Conclusive confirmation of threat legitimacy
  • Conclusive confirmation of affected code bases, products, versions and configurations
  • Details necessary for conclusive identification of vulnerable and infected systems
  • Details necessary for detection of exploit attempts or malware activity
  • Detailed remediation information, including work-arounds and configuration changes to render systems safe

TELUS Security Labs’ Vulnerability Research Service , Malware Research Service , and the TSL Enterprise program are comprehensive in their coverage of security vulnerabilities and threats affecting products and technologies from all major software and networking technology vendors including: Microsoft, Linux, Oracle, Cisco, IBM, etc.