Malware Research

The Malware Research Service (MRS) is dedicated to the study and control of malware. This service provides detailed technical data on high-severity, highly-prevalent malware attacks. Malware data is focused on network-based detection of malware installation and runtime (“phone home”) behaviour.

Our malware data enables product vendors to deliver security product updates without the need for additional research. This data also gives security teams the tools and knowledge to more effectively mitigate the impact of malware on their environments without time-consuming research.

The Malware Research Service delivers detailed and verified content including:
  • Detailed information regarding the behaviour of malware attacks
  • Network-based detection of malware propagation and runtime behaviour
  • Packet captures of both malware propagation and runtime behaviour
  • Live malware samples
  • Full cross-references to vendor advisories and third-party databases

In addition to the Malware Research Service, TELUS Security Labs also develops and tests complete anti-malware signatures for IDS and IPS security products. This offering allows a security product vendor to develop and maintain anti-malware capabilities based on network detection of attacks.

To sign up for this service, please visit our contact page for contact details.